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Call it what you will, Jujitsu, Karate, Tang Soo Do, Kung Fu etc, or by a brand name - Family Martial Arts, Red Tiger, Go Kan Ryu or any other name commonly banded around these days supposedly to justify style authenticity, historical lineage and who knows what else.

I am sick to the back teeth of franchise based Martial Arts groups setting up all over the country with poor techniques, no experience and one thing in mind - Making as much money as they can from students. They have marketing strategies, glossy brochures, door to door sales, fancy flyers. They stand around in their training uniform in town centers thrusting pieces of paper under your nose. They'll advertise FREE SUIT WHEN YOU JOIN but then trap you with extortionate long lerm payment schemes via direct debit which are difficult to get out of... This is what THEY do.

I don't have a marketing strategy (well I do, you're reading it...) I dont stand around in town centres with flyers. I don't have extortionate fees. I leave it all on the mat ! I am an experienced time served professional who is not in this business to become a rich man. I am a martial artist who runs a business rather than a businessman who claims to be a martial artist. There is a vast difference. 

I joined up for Queen and Country at 17 years of age to serve. I still serve...



My philosophy is simple. The teaching of a martial art is a privilege not to be abused. It has to be sincere and it has to practical. It should not be a vehicle to exploit and endanger students by charging extortionate rates in exchange for poor tuition.

I have studied many different martial arts in my time, some have been beneficial some not so. Some have kept me fit, some have given me a portal into the sporting arena, some have kept me flexible, physically and mentally co-ordinated and alert - some have just left me wondering how on earth the instructor has managed to keep his students.

There are styles of combat advertising the ‘Art as taught to the Special Forces of that country’, are the instructors teaching them from these units? I think not and 90% of them have never been in a conflict situation. It’s all a question of labeling really, oh and what t-shirt you wear in your training hall be it British, Brazillian, Russian, Israeli, Korean, Japanese etc. After all a throw is a throw and a strike is a strike in which ever country you find yourself fighting.

Throughout my 17 years experience in HM Forces and more recently within the world of nightclub security, personal protection and conflict management I have always maintained that Jiu Jitsu is the art best suited to ‘real’ combat/self defence – For me……it kept me alive on quite a few occasions!! There aren’t many instructors who can make such a sweeping statement or put total faith in their art.

By Jiu Jitsu, I mean techniques that are taught within a Jiu Jitsu system. Unfortunately this statement is too bold. It suggests that if you study a form of jujitsu, anywhere, under anyone you will be the ‘All conquering hero’ – All of the time.  This of course is nonsense.
Again, many Traditional jujitsu schools today have sold out to the modern styles of ''Monkey See - Monkey Do'' techniques. Throws that wouldn''t work as one, two or sometimes all of the three elements are missing, (entry, off-balance & execution). I see books on shelves (White to Green, Blue to Brown etc) which show unrealistic attacks coming from unrealistic stances showing defences which wouldn''t work. (BUT THEY DO LOOK PRETTY....!!)

Combat Jiu Jjitsu as taught at the Scorpion dojo has developed and evolved as a direct result of my training and personal experience. It is a fusion of the old school and the new. It is a way of discovering, understanding, developing, expressing and transmitting knowledge.

Scorpion Jiu Jitsu is not an ‘Art of Arts’ nor is it a conglomerate of techniques extracted from different styles. Rather it is a conceptual way – a combat form that evolves within conflict, it’s alive, it responds to movements from the aggressor. It continues until the aggression or the aggressor is no more.

We as human beings are the dominant species because of our ability to adapt and evolve. The martial arts should be no different. We need to continue to evolve within our style and grow; it’s a process that is the consequence of our instinct as a species.

Why put yourself into a rigid traditional stance when you aren’t comfortable? You must find what functions for you and then build on it. From this comes a natural reflex response rather than a time delayed mentally recalled, time delayed technique.

Our concept must be constantly active in the arena of learning and evolving. This is a place with no limits, a place where you can express the creativity of the mind into the physical form, ultimately arriving at a place where the body thinks and acts independently of the mind.

This is my philosophy and I make no apologies for it.

Steve Rowlands
6th Dan Jiu Jitsu

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