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''I believe the teaching of a Martial Art is a privilege not to be abused. It should be practical and it should be sincere...''
Steve Rowlands 
6th Degree Black Belt

Welcome to the website of Bury Martial Arts Academy...
We have been providing practical and effective Self Defence, Anti Rape, Anti Abduction and Anti Bullying tuition in Bury for almost 20 years. We have adults from all walks of life and kids from every primary school in Bury as well as neighbouring towns. Be sure to click on the 'Adult Jiu Jitsu' & 'Kid's Jiu Jitsu' tabs for some sample videos.

If you're already studying a martial art ask yourself this:

1. Can I apply this technique in a real fight against a striking opponent?

2. Is this technique energy efficient enough to be applied against a larger opponent? 

3. Is this technique based on movements that are natural for my body?

4. Am I open to attack through lack of control and lines of defence duing the execution of this technique?

These are our core principles. If you cannot answer “yes” to all four questions, then you run the risk of learning techniques that could lead to your demise and serious injury in a street self-defence situation. 

At Bury Martial Arts Academy, our primary mission is self defence... We teach techniques that were developed many years ago to be effective on the battlefield. These techniques have evolved and are used in military and law enforcment agencies all over the world today. We are very careful not to practice or teach any techniques that violate our core principles of combat survival. Few schools, if any, share this concern... 

As well as adult tuition of Combat Jiu-Jitsu we also invest in the future through our younger kid's classes 'Little Dragons' (+4), 'Little Ninjas' (+7) and Junior Jiu-ijitsu (+11). Here we combine techniques found within Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing and Ju-Jitsu to give an overall ''martial art experience''

Different methods of tuition are employed within the various classes to ensure efficient knowledge transfer... When it comes to our younger members our goal is simple - 'Bullyproof' them !... 


Please do not mistake us for Family Martial Arts Centre around the corner  at the traffic lights on Bolton Road... If you are coming from Bolton drive past and turn left at Lidl supermarket. If you are coming from the other side of Bury turn right at Lidl and you will find us half way down on the right hand side.

We DO NOT condone the methods of Martial Arts franchise businesses, the high pressure sales and crass marketing techniques which they employ...  Our fees are 75% lower & we have no long term commitments. Most of all we teach what we say we teach. Click on the 'Book a Free Trial Class" button to reveal the timetable.

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